The Fans, The Team . . . The Dancers

I go to the gym six times a week. I know my zoftigness would seem to belie that fact. I begin each session on the basketball court – I have to make 10 free throws in a row before I move on to my workout routine, walking around and around and around and around [With each lap I pass the torture room. Hockey moms go into the torture room. That is a story for another day. In the business, that’s what we call a “teaser”]. Yesterday, I choked. I made 16 free throws in a row but shanked the next attempt, which would have tied my personal record at the “Y.” And that leads me to . . .

Wrapping up the holiday basketball tournament . . . before the staff photographer comes in with a fresh batch (oops, just noticed the Willmar photos are in). These are the fun ones, and include my favorites.

The fans:

[Destined to be an all-time classic.  The proud grandpas -Jack Trumm on the front row and Martin Haar right behind him.]

[The reporter’s vantage point – way upper right.  No wonder the staff photographer can scoop me!  I’m an alum – and a veteran, for pete’s sake!  You’d think I could get box seats on the 50-yard line?  And right in front of me are more Super Fans – Jeanne and Dave Hoyme.  The Hoymster is a retired veteran so shouldn’t have to hike up to the nose bleed section!]

[Wayne Elton.  Began his Alexandria career as principal to my senior class.  Here he is drawing from a lottery box held by Ted Haar.  Probably for some fans to win seats the Hoymster and I should have!]

The team:


[The starters gather on court prior to the opening tip apparently to encourage one another.  I found the one of the Trumm sisters laughing heartily particularly (is that like a double adverb?) delightful – and wonder if Alli had just relayed an “Ole and Lena” joke?]

[“Let’s do it!”]

The dancers:

[Well, it’s not all just about throwing a ball through a hoop.  The team did beat Moorhead under a scoring system that is totally foreign to me.  The routines do require incredible endurance.]

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