I won, I WON!

Well, it is my blog, after all! Today I discovered I was a Sweat Equity winner at the “Y” for the month of December. As Woody Allen said, “90 per cent of life is just showing up.” So, I do. Six days a week, weather permitting. You can earn up to two punches a day by working out for an hour (and I do two) on an 8-punch card. So I had several cards in the box. My booty (I heard that!) was a towel, a t-shirt, and a water bottle. I was expecting a 2-week, all expenses paid, trip to the Iberian Peninsula.

Today was the semi-usual work out. Shoot hoops until I make 10 free throws in a row – that unexpectedly took a half hour today (made 11). Then 40 minutes of walking, part of the time with 10-pound dumbbells (I heard that!). Then 30 minutes on a stationary bike. Then a cool down shooting hoops again. I got home to discover that the several recent dustings actually amounted to 3” or so – so I decided to shovel the entire driveway. Another 45 minutes. It was 3 degrees outside, bright and sunny, no wind – meaning it was beautiful (of course, by afternoon it was totally overcast and looking like snow). It’s amazing how the body adapts to the season – I was perfectly comfortable with a spring weight jacket with just a t-shirt underneath.

But having done all that, I continue to be amazed that I don’t have a build like Adrian Peterson (rather than one like Oscar Peterson!).

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