The Championship Season, in Photos

Of course, we had great fun following the girls’ hockey team in its run to the 2008 state championship. Here we’ll review that “trip” in photographs:

[Super Fans: Annens, Rogosheskes, Oberts, and Nelsons at section finals in Willmar]

[Annens and Oberts arrive for state tournament opener – which way to the “X”?]

[Team warms up at “X,” Kat DelZoppo is the object of the “Marry me 27” sign]

[Vivian, as a Super Fan, is interviewed at the game by Al Schoch, newsradio WMNN]

[Danielle Justice (with a $1 from Dad) and Abby Williams on concourse after the game]

[Super Fans dine after the game at a place with a unique urinal]

[Mascot skates; Danielle gave a polished interview on TV]

[The supervisor meets Abby after the game; the Super Fans celebrate at the St. Paul Hotel]

[Super Fans frolic in Rice Park, downtown St. Paul]

[Team celebrates championship with fans – woo-woo!]

[Super Fans celebrate championship by . . . eating; a little deli by St. Kate’s]

[City, and Super Fans, celebrate championship with team hanging banner at RCC]

[Supervisor displays gift from precursor, the 2007 team, our “Little Darlings”]

[Cheerleaders greet Super Fans at team banquet; Danielle takes the cake; Kat, Abby, Danielle, and Nikki smile for the paparazzo]

[The supervisor displays the spoils of victory]

[Abby scores v. So. St. Paul, Bob meets the girls as 8th-graders; WE WON!]

[The Cub Reporter was exhausted by it all]

[Super Fans celebrate their superness at Alexandria Golf Club]

[Vivian captures the attention of Echo Press]

[“Hi Mom!”]

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