“The Bigs”

[Editor’s note: In addition to thousands of other household chores, today I washed down the wooden stairwell. This was done to appease the supervisor, and her critters proudly adorning each tread. Thus, I am momentarily free to indulge my avocation. As an aside, I shoveled on the way to the gym this morning – and I shoveled again when I got home. This is called, in exercise parlance, your warm-up and your warm-down.]

So far we have featured the guards, a/k/a, the backcourt, from the girls’ holiday basketball tournament. But the staff photographer is an equal opportunity shutterbug. Here we pay homage to “the bigs,” a/k/a, the frontcourt, as well (one of which is also a close relative of the photographer).

First up, Sam Trumm (No. 35), 6’1” senior, Lauren’s (No. 43) big sister, also all-star caliber volleyball player, and the center who I believe has won all her center jumps so far. The rebounder who can also get out and run the break:

[In my totally biased opinion, this is a great shot of the sisters]

Alli Haar (No. 15), 6’1” senior, the team’s energizer bunny, relentless defender (she ululates guarding the inbounds pass, once causing the Super Fans to move back about three rows in fright), last year she scored the first 12 points in a game by continually stealing the inbounds pass, and her Grandpa Martin terrorized the senior golf league (and we’re hoping he comes back!) [Echo photo left]:

Joie Warnes (No. 23), 5’10” senior, has come of age as a starter, terrific all-around athlete in track, soccer, and basketball, fits the team MO as a quick, aggressive defender, and has that nice baseline jumper [Echo photo left]:

[On left (soccer), with Claire Illies (middle, and hockey), and Mo Eigen (and basketball)]

[Photo from Echo]

Whitney Gesell (No. 33), 6’1” junior, what an asset to have a tall, athletic player to be first off the bench, a good shooter and rebounder, and able to fill-in at all the front court positions [left photo from Echo]:

Mo Eigen (No. 3), 5’4” senior, OK not a big in stature, a soccer player who uses her speed to be a ball-handler and a pest on defense:

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