Dear Alexandria Cardinals Fans

And welcome to 2011. As a new feature for the new year, I have decided to open a blog site specifically dedicated to Alexandria Cardinals sports activities. You are all no doubt tickled pink (if not red and black). I may include other marvelous activities such a snow shoveling – and, if luck holds, a report on the 2nd annual naked snow angels festival (allegedly to take place in the vicinity of Lake Latoka).

But I saw a need. After opening with the article on the Shaughnessys, to see how this will work, here’s a follow-up story on the girls’ holiday basketball tournament. Well, follow-up photos. You see my staff photographer is getting too good (and kudos to him!). Greg Trumm is making it way too difficult to select a minimum number of photos that can be sent to you by e-mail. Under this format, I can offer up many more of Greg’s photos, and I may contribute some myself (plus the usual filching from the Echo Press). So, at least to begin with, this will be mainly a photo site (you can double click on the individual photos to make them larger). And it will no longer be necessary to send out multiple e-mails on the same event. If so inclined, you may visit this blog site at your leisure.

I begin with the 2006-07 girls’ hockey team photo, because girls’ hockey got us started in all this. The team won the state tournament the following year (still waiting for updated team photos from . . . she knows whom). The Card roundballers beat Robbinsdale Armstrong and Marshall to win their holiday tournament last week. One of Greg’s best features is capturing the player-of-the-game as she talks to the media, i.e., KXRA, after the game (and a thanks to Charlie Christopherson for filling in for Dave Harris this month and to Bob Cuniff for providing the stats as I listen to the game re-cap on the car radio on the way home). Now you will know who they are – so you can say “hi” if you run into them at DQ or someplace. First up, for reasons of being player-of-the-game against Armstrong, is point guard Cara Wood, a 5’9” junior. Cara, as point guard, is really a key for this team. With a 6 – 0 start, I think the team was probably under-estimated coming into the season, having lost both guards and possibly the most talented basketball player Alex has ever produced off last year’s team.  Let’s meet the Cardinals:

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One Response to Dear Alexandria Cardinals Fans

  1. Taryn says:

    A blog is a great idea! I’ll put this in my favorites.

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