Four and Oh!

DSC_8748 DSC_8757

[May as well start with these Echo Press photos.  At top is Alexis Heckert (20) and McKenna Ellingson (24), and on the bottom is Kristin Trosvig (15).  As you will note from the following amended rosters, these are the Baby Birds.]

girls' hockey '15-16 - Copy

11-17-15-1 - Copy

[It was great to be back home after our weekend in The Cities.  Haven’t spilled a thing on myself while eating since we’ve been home!  Oh, a score?  Cards are now 4 – 0 on the season with a solid 3 – 1 win over the Moorhead Spuds Tuesday night! Two goals by Kristin Trosvig with the capper by McKenzie Revering, backed by the goaltending of Amy Jost. The Card defense held the Spuds to only one shot on goal in the 2nd period and only 5 over the last two periods (I believe the Cards went 8-8-8 in shots, great symmetry!)]

11-17-15-2 - Copy 11-17-15-3 - Copy

[Amy Jost]

11-17-15-5 - Copy

[McKenzie Revering]

11-17-15-7 - Copy

[Lauren Niska]

11-17-15-8 - Copy

[The Defense]

11-17-15-9 - Copy

[Mari Wosepka]

11-17-15-12 - Copy

[McKenna Ellingson]

11-17-15-14 - Copy

[Alexis Heckert]

11-17-15-15 - Copy

[The Offense and The Team]

11-17-15-16 - Copy

[Mash the Spuds!!  Naw, too predictable and boring.  Puree the Spuds!!  Getting closer.  Fricassee the Spuds!!  The best we’re gonna do before the puck drop.]

11-17-15-17 - Copy

[Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? McKenzie and Lauren are in their 4th varsity year of being paired together on defense. They probably finish each other’s sentences . . . ]

11-17-15-18 - Copy

[And they’re off . . . ]

11-17-15-19 - Copy 11-17-15-20 - Copy

[Hanah Hansen (11), senior forward is back and delighted to have her.  Lest you forgot, she’s the leading returning scorer from last year’s team and Oscar-nominated actor John Hawkes’s grand niece (I think I got that right).]

11-17-15-21 - Copy

[Face-off taken by Alexis in the offensive zone while Mari and McKenna attempt to pin the Spuds’ sticks.]

11-17-15-22 - Copy

[There it is . . . ]

11-17-15-23 - Copy

[Now where’d it go?]

11-17-15-24 - Copy

[The bench seems to think it’s in our right-hand corner?]

11-17-15-25 - Copy

[Mari shoots!  It appears to be heading toward the 5-hole.  Lauren’s in close looking for a rebound.]

11-17-15-26 - Copy

[Tristin and Lauren smother the goal.]

11-17-15-27 - Copy

[Mari’s in position for a shot.]

11-17-15-28 - Copy

[Mari and McKenna are all over it.]

11-17-15-29 - Copy

[Finally, GOOOAAALLLL by Kristin from Hanah and other linemate Megan Pesta (8), junior forward.]

11-17-15-30 - Copy


11-17-15-31 - Copy

11-17-15-32-1 - Copy

11-17-15-33 - Copy

11-17-15-34 - Copy

11-17-15-34-1 - Copy

[Two home games, 2 penalty shots, go figure – sophomore defense Allison O’Kane (36) did everything good, but sometimes you just have to tip your hat to the goalie. There was a big scrum in front of the Spud net, whistle blew, long ref discussions with both benches, the penalty shot ensued, we do not know why?   In 12 previous years of going to high school hockey games, I think I saw two penalty shots, total?]

11-17-15-35 - Copy

[Period 1]

11-17-15-36 - Copy

[McKenna and Mari in the offensive zone early in the 2nd period.]

11-17-15-37 - Copy

11-17-15-37-1 - Copy

[Mari sweeping in along the far boards.  Vinnie (beard), the RCC manager, keeps an eye on the play.]

11-17-15-38 - Copy

[OK, what’re we all doing back here?]

11-17-15-39 - Copy

11-17-15-40 - Copy

[GOOAAAALLLL!!!  Kristin’s 2nd, again from Hanah.  Hate shooting at such an angle through the glass – always distortions at the seems.]

11-17-15-41-1 - Copy

[Kaitlin Leary (26), junior, and Karina Carlsen (31), senior, man the posts.  Allison is in the mix of the 5 varsity defensemen.]

11-17-15-42 - Copy

[Mari shoots . . . ]

11-17-15-43 - Copy

[Alexis tries to hold position in the slot.]

11-17-15-44 - Copy

[Period 2]

11-17-15-45 - Copy

[Cards try to keep the Spuds from escaping their own zone.]

11-17-15-46 - Copy

[Mackenzie Abrahamson (17), senior forward, is a good story like we seem to have every year.  She hasn’t had a lot of varsity playing time until this year.  Now she’s on a regular shift and got her first ever varsity goal this year.  Cheers for Mackenzie!]

11-17-15-47 - Copy

[A Card at a Spud party – No. 11 was a player for them.]

11-17-15-48 - Copy

[Looks like Lauren moving in with Hanah.]

11-17-15-49 - Copy

11-17-15-50 - Copy

[Rev wrapped it up.  She tried a slap shot that deflected back to her, so she stick handled in a little closer and rifled a wrist shot over the goalie’s shoulder.  Assists to Abrahamson and Sam Klimek (37), senior forward.]

11-17-15-51 - Copy

[And the JV won by the same score!  :-)   ]

11-17-15-52 - Copy

[At DL on Thursday, Mound Westonka at home on Friday.  Cover for us!]

Time and trouble will tame an advance young woman, but an advance old woman is uncontrollable by any earthly force.  ~  Dorothy L. Sayers

Up next:  Aloha!  Keep an eye on things, back in a couple of weeks, likely with lightly toasted skin.

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Are You Into Gopher Men’s Basketball?

But first, a little fall clean-up . . .

10-22-15-1 - Copy10-22-15-2 - Copy

[Hostas become Halloween decorations . . . ]

11-3-15-1 - Copy 11-3-15-2 - Copy 11-3-15-3 - Copy

[The Super does the final mow . . . ]

11-4-15 - Copy


11-7-15-1-1 - Copy

[Bethesda Lutheran lefse and bake sale . . . ]

11-10-15-1 - Copy 11-10-15-2 - Copy 11-10-15-3 - Copy 11-10-15-4 - Copy

[And November, the month of beautiful sunrises!]


11-14-15-1 - Copy

[Saturday, November 14, was Basketball Dan’s 40th Annual Turkeyfest in the hallowed halls of his longtime Woodbury domicile. People came from far and wide – 4 from Wichita, Kansas, and one who splits time in Boise, Idaho – I believe 16 in all (though they came and went under do-drop-in policies). I splattered turkey grease on my gray suede shoes lifting the 400-pound bird out of the oven and later spilled gravy on the only pair of pants I brought. Just another day in the life of an old person – speaking of which, the topic of discussion during multiple football games on two TV’s was who had what surgeries in the last year and what surgeries are pending. We couldn’t make it to the end of the Gopher football game (totally wasted by the feast), and then on Sunday morning noticed we missed two amazing performances that we had considered attending – Hannah Brandt scored FIVE goals in the Gopher women’s hockey game that started @ 4:00 against Bemidji State and @ 7:00 the Gopher women’s volleyball team, ranked No. 4 in the country, swept No. 1-ranked Penn State! Arrghhhhh! We coulda seen both!!]

11-14-15-2 - Copy

[This is Suzanne (from Boise) and Hans doing the turkey honors . . . ]

11-14-15-3 - Copy

[Mary (from Wichita, B’ball Dan’s cousin) whips up the mashed potatoes . . . ]

11-14-15-4 - Copy

[Libby, with Sharon and Andy from Wichita . . . ]

11-14-15-5 - Copy

[Tom, Lance, Gary, Brian, Wally, and the Super, regulars all.  Only the Super from outside the greater metro area.]

gophers sweep penn state 11-14-15 - Copy

[I subsequently discovered this had been sold out over a month ago – 5,500+ in the Pavilion.  (This and following photo from the Strib.)]

hannah brandt 5 goals 11-14-15 - Copy

[5-goal Hannah]

Gopher Men’s Basketball

11-15-15-1 - Copy 11-15-15-3 - Copy 11-15-15-4 - Copy 11-15-15-5 - Copy

[As long as we were in town, the Gophers were playing the University of Louisiana, Monroe on Sunday at fabled, yet decrepit, Williams Arena.  We spent the night with the Mounds View Oberts where nephew Michael John, who is taking music teaching at Augsberg, maintains a fine display of various instruments . . . it was my first introduction to a dismembered bassoon (that Michael said is worth more than his car) . . . ]

11-15-15-7 - Copy 11-15-15-8 - Copy 11-15-15-9 - Copy 11-15-15-10 - Copy 11-15-15-11 - Copy

[Before the game, the Super, sister-in-law Karen, and I dined at Whitey’s, where across the street folks were dining outside, on November 15, at The Bulldog Bar.  I was hoping for a Reuben, but it was breakfast only on Sundays.  Because I ordered a beverage before I realized it was breakfast only, I ended up with a Bloody Mary, a chaser, and an ice tea.   I subsequently had to visit the facilities, of course, where I discovered what appears to be a “fist through the wall” hole, possibly a Gopher fan upset with the Iowa football result?    After the dining mishaps of the previous day, I have to report the Super, while attempting to transfer some hash browns from my plate to hers, knocked a dressing soaked strawberry off and onto my pants creating a third stain, and then as I helped her with her French toast I managed to dribble syrup on my shirt and jacket.  I suspect my only recourse for future public dining events is to clothe myself entirely in plastic sheeting.]

11-15-15-12 - Copy 11-15-15-13-1 - Copy 11-15-15-14 - Copy[Walking to the game after breakfast, this is November 15th remember, people were playing tennis outdoors in shirts and tee shirts.]

11-15-15-15 - Copy

[The site of the previous night’s big upset of a No. 1-ranked team in the country.  I believe the Gophers are now No. 1, and we know the women’s hockey team is really No. 1, because we’re from . . . “where all the women are strong!”]

11-15-15-16 - Copy

[Yup, played intramural basketball on that floor 49 years ago.]

11-15-15-17 - Copy

[“The Barn”]

11-15-15-18 - Copy 11-15-15-19 - Copy

[“The Legends,” but when does Willie Burton get up there?]

11-15-15-20 - Copy

[A lot of fans came disguised as empty seats . . . a Sunday, not a big name opponent, to be expected.]

Meet the Gophers . . .

11-15-15-21 - Copy

[First up, Nate Mason . . . ]

11-15-15-22 - Copy 11-15-15-23 - Copy 11-15-15-24 - Copy 11-15-15-25 - Copy 11-15-15-26 - Copy 11-15-15-27 - Copy 11-15-15-28 - Copy 11-15-15-29 - Copy 11-15-15-30 - Copy

1 Dupree McBrayer G 6-4 175 FR Queens, NY
2 Nate Mason G 6-1 185 SO Decatur, GA
3 Jordan Murphy F 6-6 230 FR SAN ANTONIO, TX
4 Kevin Dorsey G 6-0 175 FR Waldorf, MD
10 Darin Haugh G 5-10 170 JR Prior Lake, MN
11 Carlos Morris G 6-5 175 SR Apalachicola, FL
12 Jarvis Johnson G 6-1 185 FR Minneapolis, MN
15 Stephon Sharp G 6-3 195 FR Bloomington, MN
20 Davonte Fitzgerald F 6-8 205 JR Atlanta, GA
21 Bakary Konat C 6-11 225 SO Bamako, Mali
22 Reggie Lynch C 6-9 260 JR Edina, MN
23 Charles Buggs F 6-9 220 JR Arlington, TX
24 Joey King F 6-9 235 SR Eagan, MN
25 Mike Lukashewich G 6-3 180 SO Appleton, WI
32 Ahmad Gilbert G 6-6 210 FR Philadelphia, PA
41 Gaston Diedhiou F 6-9 230 SO Dakar, Senegal

Meet the fans . . .

20151115_153055 - Copy 20151115_153147 - Copy

20151115_145049 - Copy

[These photos are from the Supervisor.  Never noticing an empty seat she didn’t prefer, she and Karen sneaked down a couple of rows to the comfort of seats with backs and then could shoot back at us . . . ]

20151115_153149 - Copy 20151115_154749 - Copy

20151115_150111 - Copy

[The two fans on the right spent much of their carefree, middle-age bachelorhoods roaming the country in search of the perfect basketball game.  Basketball Dan went on to legendary status by seeing a game at every Division 1 college and university in the country establishing a mark I’m sure no one else has done.  Ever the perfectionist, this year he is going back for games at Maine, Coppin State, and I believe somewhere on the West Coast because they have new arenas.  With us, to Dan’s right are Mary and Gus and behind him Sharon and Andy, his old friends from Wichita, who have occasionally joined us over the years on these adventures.  The two women in front are unknowns who the Super thought were merely interlopers in her photo party.]

The game . . . 

11-15-15-31-1 - Copy 11-15-15-32 - Copy 11-15-15-32-1 - Copy

[The opening tip . . .]

11-15-15-33 - Copy

[Hello, 9-1-1?  I’d like to report an accident under the north basket at Williams Arena.]

11-15-15-34 - Copy

[Richard Pitino’s third year as head coach.  Next year, after his 4th, we’ll be able to fully judge his creds as a coach because they will all be players he recruited.  While you can’t judge a team from one game, I believe he has improved the team’s athleticism – I’m just not sure he has improved basketball talent.]

11-15-15-35 - Copy

[Joey King (24), one of only two seniors and the least athletic guy on the team, likely will be our leading scorer because of his experience and he’s the best shooter.]

11-15-15-36 - Copy

[Kevin Dorsey (4), a highly thought of freshman.]

11-15-15-37 - Copy

[At the half . . . ]

11-15-15-38 - Copy

[The Super and Karen . . . down in the front row!]

11-15-15-39 - Copy 11-15-15-40-1 - Copy

[Halftime entertainment – I don’t know who, acoustics at The Barn are gawdawful.]

11-15-15-41 - Copy


11-15-15-42 - Copy

[Bokari Konate (21), 6’11” sophomore – a work in progress.]

11-15-15-43 - Copy

[Gaston Diedhiou (41), 6’9″ sophomore – another work in progress.]

11-15-15-44 - Copy

[We did win.  The takeaway, we made 20 of 22 free throws,  not to be under estimated.  Rebounding and scoring from the floor will remain an issue.  We will exceed expectations if we finish in the top half of the Big 10.]

11-15-15-45-1 - Copy

[Turn out the lights, the party’s over.]

In all the woes that curse our race, There is a lady in the case.  ~  W. S. Gilbert

Up next:  The Super is whisking me away to far away places with strange sounding names.


lake geneva 11-15-15 marc godfrey - Copy lake geneva 11-15-15-1 marc godfrey

[Lake Geneva, Alexandria, Minnesota, November 15, 2015, photo courtesy of my chiropractor, Marc Godfrey.  This is NOVEMBER, like almost winter, like a month and a half after most people have put their boats away for the season!]

obert curb 11-15-15 grundei

[On a curb in Minneapolis (I don’t think it was me?).  Photo courtesy Al Grundei.]

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A Great Start to a Season of High Expectation

. . . And Bethany and Megan Hasz finish 1 – 2 again at the state cross country meet!

mn hockey day

Alexandria junior McKenzie Revering (left) and senior Lauren Niska wear their University of Minnesota-Duluth gear on the ice at the Runestone Community Center on October 15. Both players recently gave verbal commitments to play their college hockey for the Bulldogs.

Alexandria junior McKenzie Revering (left) and senior Lauren Niska wear their University of Minnesota-Duluth gear on the ice at the Runestone Community Center on October 15. Both players recently gave verbal commitments to play their college hockey for the Bulldogs.

[And with these two leading the way, our Cardinals opened the 2015-16 season on Saturday against the North Metro Stars hoping to improve on last year’s state consolation championship (Echo photo).]

girls' hockey '15-16 - Copy

[This is an experienced team, with even the frosh and sophomores already having varsity experience. But we did notice . . . well, it looks like the JV roster is from last year?  We know Onna O’Connor has decided to hang up her skates after a couple of knee surgeries, and there were a few players on both rosters who are not listed at all?  North Metro has been a regular team on our schedule for the last few years, composed of players from Fridley, Osseo, Park Center, but even a Star fan sitting in front of us couldn’t name what other schools are involved?  We have  schedule full of Class AA teams which should prepare us well for tournament time.]

11-7-15-1 - Copy

[Always nice to warm up for the varsity game with a nice win by the JV!]

11-7-15-2 - Copy

[As the “Super Fans” wandered in, we watched our defense warm up – Karina Carlsen (31), senior; Allison O’Kane (36), sophomore; and Kaitlin Leary (26), junior.  “Weakie” and Vivian made their first appearance at the RCC in two years, Professor Shaughnessy will make as many appearances as he can before he snowbirds to Arizona, and, of course, Roger was there to sing the Anthem.]

11-7-15-3 - Copy 11-7-15-4 - Copy

[Co-captain Amy Jost (33), senior goalie]

11-7-15-5 - Copy 11-7-15-6 - Copy

[Co-captain Lauren Niska (21), senior defense]

11-7-15-8 - Copy 11-7-15-9 - Copy

[McKenzie Revering (29), junior defense; and opposing teams look out there and think, “Haven’t those three been playing together for about 10 years now?”]

11-7-15-10 - Copy

[Mari Wosepka (18), senior forward, and sings the Anthem in the absence of Roger.]

11-7-15-11 - Copy

[McKenna Ellingson (24), freshman forward]

11-7-15-12 - Copy

[Alexis Heckert (20), freshman forward; so with all this experience, still two freshman on the forward line.]

11-7-15-13 - Copy

[Hey, how ’bout the girls’ cross country team?]

11-7-15-14 - Copy

[Coaches Mark Niska, Blair Hovel (head coach), and Molly Arola]

11-7-15-15 - Copy

[DMac and Bob Cunniff man the KXRA radio both.]

11-7-15-16 - Copy

[Let’s . . . Play . . . Hockey!]

11-7-15-17 - Copy 11-7-15-18 - Copy

[Early action in the Stars end . . . ]

11-7-15-19 - Copy 11-7-15-19-1 - Copy

[Kim Kardashian?  Naw . . . ]

11-7-15-20 - Copy

[Ref says, “That’s a gooooaaaalllllll!”  First of the year, Mari, short-handed, from McKenna.]

11-7-15-21 - Copy


11-7-15-22 - Copy

11-7-15-23 - Copy

[Then returning the favor, McKenna scored from Mari.]

11-7-15-24 - Copy

[Alexis trying to interpret hand signals from the ref.]

11-7-15-25 - Copy

[Little Rev (a/k/a, McKenzie) scored unassisted to wrap up the first period.]

11-7-15-26 - Copy

[Period 1]

11-7-15-27 - Copy 11-7-15-28 - Copy 11-7-15-29 - Copy

[So, a goalie, a psychologist, and a orthopedic surgeon walk into a bar . . . ]

11-7-15-30 - Copy

[Alexis shadows (it was a sunny afternoon game).]

11-7-15-31 - Copy

[Now, where’d she go?]

11-7-15-32 - Copy 11-7-15-33 - Copy

[Hanah Hansen (11), senior forward and last year’s leading scorer, on the left in civvies will be available for the 3rd game of the season.]

11-7-15-34 - Copy

[Karina on the offensive.  All our defenseman are offensively minded, so we do get caught by odd man rushes.  Considered a price worth paying with Amy in the net.]

11-7-15-35 - Copy 11-7-15-36 - Copy 11-7-15-37 - Copy 11-7-15-37-1 - Copy 11-7-15-38 - Copy 11-7-15-39 - Copy

[A rarity of rarities.  Little Rev got a penalty shot.  We couldn’t tell what caused it – there was a big scrum in front of the Stars net when all of a sudden a Star player was jettisoned out of the pile like a jack-in-the-box.  We assumed it would be a penalty on the Cards?  But Rev got the shot and executed it perfectly – we were up 4 – 0.]

11-7-15-40 - Copy

[We’re in again . . . ]

11-7-15-41 - Copy

[And soon Sam Klimek (37), senior forward, is thanking Rev for an assist on her goal.]

11-7-15-42 - Copy

[Period 2]

11-7-15-43 - Copy 11-7-15-44 - Copy 11-7-15-45 - Copy 11-7-15-46 - Copy 11-7-15-47 - Copy 11-7-15-48 - Copy 11-7-15-49 - Copy 11-7-15-49-1 - Copy

[The Stars scored early in the 3rd to close the score to 5 – 2 (the Stars had two senior forwards who were quite good).  That only riled the Cards who scored the final 4 goals of the game, and all I could do was capture all the aftermaths: McKenna from McKenzie and Kristin Trosvig (15), sophomore forward; Mari from McKenna and Alexis; Kristin from Lauren; and Lauren from Mari and Alexis.]

11-7-15-50 - Copy

[Game over.]

11-7-15-51 - Copy 11-7-15-52 - Copy


cross country '15

hasz state cc champs '15 echo

[Earlier in the day, the girls cross country team finished 9th (out of 16 teams) in the state meet at St. Olaf.  Bethany and Megan finished 1 – 2, the third year in a row in some combination they finished such (Echo photos).]

Various press reports (the first includes TV coverage):

20151102_083807 - Copy

[Earlier in the week, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler expresses gratitude to a local alum for Bethany and Megan Hasz becoming future Gophers.]

We celebrated all the day’s wins a tad later that day at SAWA . . .

drinkwine cd

[You will no doubt recognize Mr. Drinkwine as an original member of Harper’s Chord.  This was his first solo locally.]

11-7-15-53 - Copy 11-7-15-54 - Copy 11-7-15-55 - Copy

[Why yes it was a lovely Piluna Primitivo zinfandel with a delicious Jewett Benson landscape on the wall behind.]

11-7-15-56 - Copy

[Unfortunately, the video was out of focus in auto-focus mode?  But music is all about the audio anyway . . . right?]

bat cd - Copy bat cd2 - Copy

[The Super was really excited about this recent “present.”  :-) ]


[We’re chasing their legacy!]


[The Class of ’65, forever noshing and imbibing, toast the Cardinals winter sports season (Bev Korkowski will admit to taking this photo).  Found this interesting from Bev, not a single classmate from Florida:  “We have classmates in the following states: TN-2, AZ-9, NY-2, WA-4, IN-3, OR-2, CA-4, OK-4, MI-1, CO-1, NC-1, KY-1, TX-6, NM-1, IL-1, MO-1, WI-7, AR-1, VA-1, KS-2, NE-2, and MT-2.  Of course, we have lots of Minnesota people….121! And of those, 61 claim Alexandria as their address.”]

Street hockey is great for kids. It’s energetic, competitive, and skillful. And best of all it keeps them off the street.  ~ Author Unknown

Up next:  Are we going to Hawaii yet?

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My Hero

warrengibson warrengibson2

Retirement is all about golf . . . well, until it isn’t.  But it was through golf that I met the guy I would ultimately come to call, My Hero.  Of course it was all in good fun.  Warren was a member of the Greatest Generation and I was a member of the Offspring of the Greatest Generation – our ties therefore were through the social aspects of the golf club. And those ties were based on our common affection for impishness.  He became My Hero through nothing more profound than his contributions to our golf team, anytime we were paired in a scramble event or something of the sort.  He would invariably make a long putt or a chip in to save the team . . . and I would run after him to give him a hug while he would attempt a giggling escape.  We lost Warren this week at age 94.

We will miss his unflagging good humor.  And because we always marveled at his uncommonly good health, we were shocked to learn he had died.  It seemed he would go on forever.  We visited with Rose at his visitation Tuesday night and learned Warren had taken a bad fall 10 days prior to his death.  She said he fell against a heavy piece of furniture and broke a rib.  He said, “What a terrible way to die,” knowing that it was bad for someone of his age.  He spent his last 10 days in the hospital.


[Believed to be my first known photo of the Gibsons, September 11, 2006 (yes, a significant date).]

6-12-07-2 6-12-07-4

[“Where’s Warren?” and with Dar Hentz and Gordy Anderson, June 12, 2007.]


[Always dapper, in the Mother’s Day buffet line at the club in 2008.]


[The “impishness,” caught them by surprise at Arrowwood.]

8-31-09-14-1 8-31-09-15-1

[“Where’s Warren?” (again), August 31, 2009.]


[August 31, 2010]

From the blog, March 6, 2011:


Because it was an afternoon game, we decided that since we could make it back home during daylight, we would enjoy our evening repast at D. Michael B’s. A toast to the team from there (such is not condoned for team members). We were delighted to discover my hero, Warren Gibson, was there. He and Rose look great and we had a nice visit. They both noted they don’t ever recall a winter like this one. Warren said he had no particular health reason for giving up his golf membership – it was just time. He is, of course, famous for his response to his doctor last summer when told he had the back of an old man – he replied, “I AM an old man!” I’m sure we can get him out to our golf leagues a few times this summer. And we should have a big birthday party for him there on July 9 when he turns 90! We can make it a double and get Martin out there too!  [We had just returned to town after a girls’ basketball tournament game.]

From the blog, June 29, 2011:

The Tuesday morning senior men’s league at the Alexandria Golf Club plays a Stableford system with teams determined by blind draw every week.  Every year we end the season with a steak fry and putting contest.  This year we will have two – last night’s being the first.  We were delighted to have Rose and Warren Gibson join us again – they gave up their membership last year, which was bittersweet for us because now we don’t have to “pay” Warren every week.  Long my hero, Warren turns 90 on July 9 – to honor the occasion I followed him around the putting course by video, and he had the lead after 7 holes:

[And after hearing Warren in this video, you can get an idea of his cadence and sincerity when he would deadpan after a particularly crappy shot, by himself or a playing partner, “Saaaay, that was a nice shot.”]


[Not likely to be Warren, August 31, 2011.]

From the blog, July 25, 2012:


[Gordy Anderson, Warren Gibson, and Martin Haar]

It seems certain members of the league had been putting a full-court press on Martin Haar and Warren Gibson to come play with us again.  Martin and Warren, now in their 90’s, each decided a couple of years ago to give up their club memberships – that their golf careers, which consisted mainly of income redistribution from us to them, were over.  We learned again on this day that not only are they still great fun to play with – but that they can still play!  We hope for further reunions.

Oh, and Gordy is still a member and still shooting better than his 90+ age on a regular basis.  We had just heard that morning that John Gustafson, a member of the Alexandria Education Foundation Hall of Fame, had died at age 80.  Gordy noted that made him feel “old” as he had hired John right out of St. Olaf.


Martin and Warren joined us all to play the back 9.  Warren played in the group ahead of us – we played with Martin in the following group.  When we arrived on the 17th tee, we could see Warren had hit into the left-side trap.  With trusty Canon in hand, I sped up the hill to catch the action with the following story in mind:

6-12-12-6 6-12-12-7


“A fellow of age hit his golf ball into a sand trap.  As he descended in to play his next shot, he bemoaned to his partners that he couldn’t get out of traps.  He then proceeded to hit his sand shot into the hole to the amazement of those present, who queried, ‘We thought you couldn’t get out of traps?’  ‘I can’t,’ he said, ‘Give me a hand up!'”


Anyway, by the time I reached my quarry, Warren, and two of his playing partners, were on their hands and knees just trying to rake the ball out of the steep side of the trap.  I captured Warren with a bemused look on his face – and then had my photo taken with the guy who is still my hero.  :-)  [I’m proud to say the family had this photo on display at Warren’s visitation.]


[Warren was a fine practitioner of what my Mom called “just poop it down the middle” golf.  Whenever his 2nd shot ended up past my drive, he would drive up to me and say, “Guess I out drove you on that one, huh?”]

8-12-15-2 8-12-15-3 8-12-15-4

[Our last time with Warren, their 65th anniversary.  We will truly miss him.  Rose said they were so happy they could get together with all of us again at the club on August 12 this year.]




[I’m sure Crazy Dave speaks for all of us at the club, “We’ll see you at the 19th hole, Warren.”]


[The 19th hole.]

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10-31-15-1 - Copy

[Trick or . . . wine?]

20151031_141029 - Copy

[Oh, trick or music!  Anthony Miltich is leaving the good life of West Central Minnesota for the wilds of the North Shore, i.e., downtown Duluth.  So we thought this could be his last local performance, but he promises to be back.]

10-31-15-2 - Copy 10-31-15-3 - Copy10-31-15-5 - Copy

[He brought brother Jim with him along with Victor the percussionist.  In case you didn’t recognize the venue, we’re at the winery.]

10-31-15-6 - Copy 10-31-15-6-1 - Copy

[I have no idea who this is?]

[This was fun because . . . we were going to see Lisa Lynn later in the day and Toto is, like, her favorite group.]

10-31-15-7 - Copy 10-31-15-7-1 - Copy

[She apparently knows Anthony?]

10-31-15-8 - Copy 10-31-15-9 - Copy 10-31-15-10 - Copy

[And she came with a friend?]

10-31-15-11 - Copy

[After a brief stopover at a holiday party, Lisa is back at SAWA!  And on her back, a dreaded Dallas Cowboys jersey, is the name Lukather, her close personal friend from Toto.]

10-31-15-12-1 - Copy

[Damsel in Distress!!!]

10-31-15-15 - Copy

10-31-15-16 - Copy

[It’s Halloween . . .  DON’T GO NEAR THE WINDOW!!]

10-31-15-17 - Copy

10-31-15-18 - Copy

[(He is so strange!)]

I’ll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween.  ~  Anonymous

Up next:  Dunno?  But hey, if you Chromecast (or its equivalent) the videos herein to your HD TV, they look and sound a whole lot better . . . really!

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13 Seconds!!!

October 20

10-20-15-1 - Copy

[Have you ever gone into a casino, placed your entire life’s saving on red on the roulette wheel, and then just as the ball was dropping into the ‘red’ slot have someone come along and dump over the wheel?  Yeah, well me neither. But it happened to the Cardinal girls’ soccer team last night.]

orin schueler

[Orin Schueler was named Minnesota girls’ soccer class A assistant coach of the year. Orin’s coaching and teaching career has spanned a mere 55 years.]

Before we begin, a set up . . .


[Should you ever see this chap wandering aimlessly about the city of Alexandria, please alert the local constabulary. It seems likely that in the near future he will be not be allowed to venture out unchaperoned. Monday, to make up for 2 missed senior college classes last week, due to his well documented nerve problem, he decided to leave early just to make sure. But on the way a stop at the dry cleaners for a drop-off. You are in their system by your phone number. Of course, he had no idea what his phone number is? By use of a retinal scan and finger printing, he was ultimately able to deposit his laundry. Now, in more of a rush, he sped off to college. When he got there, he saw no other students. It was the wrong day! It turns out Monday is community education day (at 5:00) and Tuesday is senior college day (at 3:15). He now has less than an hour to make it to the community education class . . . wherever it is?]


[Addendum to previous missive: I eventually made it to the correct class, but sans my watch and pocket money which I had put back in a drawer after my first errant trip to “school” and forgot to take out again. After class, some of the “students” decided to go out to dinner together. Fortunately, I stash some cash in the car for those occasions, such as this, when I forget to bring some from home. My bill came to $15.00, I put two 20’s in the sleeve and said I’m good. Nevertheless, she returned the sleeve with 5 ones and a 20 in it – I thought, well she forgot to take the $20. It finally dawned on me . . . Then I needed a doggy bag. I said before we left that I know I’ll forget said bag. And I did, by starting to leave by taking the bill sleeve and leaving the doggy bag. I made it home.]

10-20-15-2 - Copy

[I am happy to report I did make it to senior college on this day – “Obama v. Putin: The New Cold War,” with History Professor Nick Hayes, St. John’s/St. Ben’s, who was excellent – and then made it to section 8A semi-final game v. the Sartell Sabres.  We were the No. 1 seed and were playing very well in the section so far with wins over Crookston and E. Grand Forks.]

10-20-15-3 - Copy 10-20-15-4 - Copy

[The anthem and the kick-off . . . ]

Somebody’s going to win this game on a flukey play.  ~  Knowledgeable fans in the stands

10-20-15-5 - Copy

[In the first half, the Cardinals would be going from South to North at Viking Savings Bank Field.  And here we have junior defense Kendall Kohler (3), whose mom and basketball coach was sitting adjacent to us, and senior defense Laura Dahlquist (19).]

10-20-15-6 - Copy

[Senior midfielder Sonja Johnson (17), who had a strong game, pooching it over to freshman Kaye Paschka (2).]

10-20-15-7 - Copy

[Kaye turns on her speedy jets.]

10-20-15-8 - Copy

[Senior forward Hayley Berns (13), our leading scorer, who has been getting goals at a Gretzky like pace lately.]

10-20-15-9 - Copy

[Kaye again.]

10-20-15-10 - Copy 10-20-15-10-1 - Copy

[Sonja had some of our best rushes, particularly early in the game.]

Somebody’s going to win this game on a flukey play.  ~  Knowledgeable fans in the stands

10-20-15-11 - Copy 10-20-15-11-1 - Copy

[Attack, attack, attack – but in a polite kind of way.]

10-20-15-12 - Copy

[OMG, Hayley’s out in front . . . well, that’s what we kinda said.]

10-20-15-13 - Copy

[Defend, defend, defend!  L-r, senior forward Hanah Hanson (15), junior midfielder McKenna Smith (16), senior midfielder Karsen Granning (9), and Kaye.]

10-20-15-14 - Copy

[L-r: junior midfielder Tessa Knoblauch (5), senior midfielder Katie Desautels (14), and junior defense Anna Jensen (4).]

10-20-15-15 - Copy

[Kendall and Anna patrol midfield.]

10-20-15-16 - Copy

[Hayley, always marked, with senior midfielder Liza Knoblauch (6).]

10-20-15-17 - Copy

[The Sabres find Karsen and Kaye offensive.]

10-20-15-18 - Copy 10-20-15-19 - Copy

[Oooooh, we kept trying to hit Hayley with a long bomb.]

10-20-15-20 - Copy

[Sorry Sabre, you’re not getting by that hockey player – junior defense McKenzie Revering (20) blocking the way along with fellow hockey star Hanah.]

Somebody’s going to win this game on a flukey play.  ~  Knowledgeable fans in the stands

10-20-15-21 - Copy

[Ooooh, we were in on goal . . . now looking back.]

10-20-15-22 - Copy

[Two 19’s go at it – ours is Laura – both in positions that would send me shrieking for my pain meds!]

10-20-15-23 - Copy

[No mas!  No mas!  Hayley was never unescorted.]

10-20-15-24 - Copy

[Where’d it go?]

10-20-15-25 - Copy

[What’s that ball doing there?]

10-20-15-26 - Copy

[Maybe . . . MAYBE . . . Nooooooo.]

10-20-15-27 - Copy

[Hayley with the ball sneaking just out of range again.]

10-20-15-28 - Copy

10-20-15-29 - Copy 10-20-15-29-1 - Copy

[Obviously a free or corner kick.]

10-20-15-30 - Copy

[We’ve switched goals – must be in the 2nd half.  Did you see how I picked up on that?  The first half was 0 – 0, though I thought we really dominated the last 5 minutes of the half. The above is an early corner kick in the 2nd half.    ]

Somebody’s going to win this game on a flukey play.  ~  Knowledgeable fans in the stands

10-20-15-31 - Copy

[Close, but . . . ]

10-20-15-32 - Copy

[We’re attacking again . . . ]

10-20-15-33 - Copy

[And then another corner kick.]

10-20-15-34 - Copy

[Sonja flagged for being offside – she and Hayley were oh so close so many times.]

10-20-15-35 - Copy

[Laura kicks it into the offensive zone.]

10-20-15-36 - Copy

[Hayley . . . ball . . . goalie.  Uffda!]

10-20-15-37 - Copy

[A lot of in zone pressure again . . . ]

10-20-15-38 - Copy

10-20-15-38-1 - Copy

[And again.]

10-20-15-39 - Copy

[Kaye tries to keep it in . . . ]

10-20-15-40 - Copy 10-20-15-41 - Copy

[And then finally it happened.  Very late in the game Hayley got the ball behind the defense and was on side.  The crowd rose in anticipation, my camera was shaking . . . oooohhh, but it was not to be.  From that we knew bad things were in store.]

10-20-15-42 - Copy

[And then the unthinkable happened, with 13 seconds left in the game.  Sartell took a long shot toward the goal – likely just a run out the clock clearance – no Sabres around, just four Cardinal defenders.  An attempted Cardinal header just to knock the ball off line deflected it just enough to for the goalie not to be able to make a play on it and into the net!   Arrgghhhh! I’m glad I shot the scoreboard before they were able to put the goal up.  Too bad such a terrific season had to end thusly.  :-(   ]

Somebody won this game on a flukey play.  ~  Knowledgeable fans in the stands

hasz conference 10-20-15

[In better news, Megan was back and finished 2nd to Bethany at the conference cross country meet on this day.  Photo from Doug Hasz, a close personal relative.]

10-18-15-1-1 - Copy

I like girls’ sports because, well . . . they’re played by girls!  ~  Cub Reporter

Up next:  The Cub Reporter finds his meds.  Apparently we’re playing a team from Moorhead for the section 8-5A football championship on Friday, and the Howell family will have will have divided loyalties as grandson Carter plays for the Spuds.

howells with carter

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Cardinals Celebrate Applefest, 49 – 35!

no pictures

[Nah, didn’t happen?!  Did it?  Well, on Saturday, October 17, it was an absolutely perfect mid-fall day here in Vacationland USA that featured Applefest at Carlos Creek Winery followed by the section 8-5A semi-final football game between the Alexandria Cardinals and the Bemidji Lumberjacks.  The kind of day that literally cried out for pictures . . . and lots of ’em!  ;-)   ]

10-17-15-1 - Copy 10-17-15-2 - Copy 10-17-15-3 - Copy 10-17-15-4 - Copy

[Classmate Gary Ekdahl leading a revival meeting? Well sorta . . . he was auctioneering a quilt extravaganza at Applefest!]

10-17-15-5 - Copy 10-17-15-6 - Copy 10-17-15-7 - Copy

[“Obert?” Where does it come from? Nobody knows? I finally had my DNA checked, and then met “cousin” Louie at the Applefest. It appears we are 14 percent pumpkin! Not really a surprise, we did have an “Orange” Obert in the family in the 1800’s (seriously!)]

10-17-15-8 - Copy 10-17-15-9 - Copy

[Local superstars from the Hasz family – Megan, Bethany, and Doug – find a willing customer in the Super at Applefest. Doug then sat with us at the Cardinal football game that night and showed his chops by mentioning Bemidji ran a sweep every time the halfback lined up two yards behind the quarterback and went up the middle every time he lined up one yard back. He was right – I wonder if the coaches noted that?]

10-17-15-10 - Copy 10-17-15-11 - Copy

[The Super with a pumpkin toast to flowers.]

10-17-15-12 - Copy 10-17-15-17 - Copy

[Well of course we had to!]

10-17-15-18 - Copy 10-17-15-19 - Copy

[We must be getting close to some sort of record for the number of beautiful weekends in a row.]

10-17-15-21 - Copy 10-17-15-22 - Copy 10-17-15-24 - Copy 10-17-15-25 - Copy

[The Super catches Julie and Bruce from all angles for her standard Facebook postings of “Missing U at . . . “]

10-17-15-27 - Copy 10-17-15-28 - Copy 10-17-15-29 - Copy

[Our wild and crazy friends from Ashby and Watertown, SD, were seeing (and hearing) Patchouli for the first time and we blown away!]     ]

10-17-15-30 - Copy 10-17-15-31 - Copy 10-17-15-33 - Copy 10-17-15-34 - Copy 10-17-15-36 - Copy 10-17-15-37 - Copy

[THE MAKING OF A MUSIC FAN!  She was so cute, as were the Watertown group, that we predicted a guitar was going to be on her wish list soon.]

10-17-15-38 - Copy

[OK, now they had to dance . . . ]

[BREAKING NEWS! It appears our dynamic duo may be playing the GUTHRIE in mid-May next year. Stayed tuned for updates!]

newhart[Then it was a mad dash to the football game.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.]

10-17-15-39 - Copy

[Arriving to coincide with sunset.]

10-17-15-40 - Copy

[The lonely vigil of the sports photographer . . . oh, I used that line already?]

10-17-15-43 - Copy 10-17-15-44 - Copy 10-17-15-45 - Copy

[Our offensive stalwarts, quarterback Jaran Roste (1) and halfback Micah Christenson (22) lead the Cards onto the field.]

10-17-15-45 - Copy 10-17-15-46 - Copy

[When we played the Lumberjacks at their place earlier this year, we came back from a 28 – 7 halftime deficit to win 57 – 49.  It figured to be a shootout!]

10-17-15-47 - Copy

[The ‘Jacks ran their halfback, Logan Hatfield, up the middle on the first play. He rushed for over 2,200 yards this year (in 8 games), included 393 against us the first game! We played great defense against him until the 4th quarter when we had a big lead – he rushed for 244 yards on 38 carries, but I’m sure over 100 of that came after the game was decided.]

10-17-15-48 - Copy 10-17-15-49 - Copy 10-17-15-50 - Copy

[Now, this is the way to start a football game. Hold Bemidji to a 3-and-out, have Micah Christenson (22) return the punt 68 yards for a touchdown. Since I didn’t “catch” him from the beginning the first time, the 2nd time he went back to receive the punt I was going to follow him all the way – well, obviously not another TD but it was a good one as I recall. (And sorry folks, tried to watch our Vikings on Sunday – they’re not only mediocre, worse – they’re boring. Even the Super (who likes football more than I do) switched over to a black-and-white movie . . . )]

10-17-15-51 - Copy 10-17-15-52 - Copy 10-17-15-53 - Copy

[Roste launches a successful pass downfield (see the ball?).  Not sure who caught but it was nice gain.]

10-17-15-54 - Copy 10-17-15-55 - Copy

[Micah goes left, cuts back for about a 5-yarder.  Bemidji was keying on him and actually held him to “only” 134 yards on 25 carries.]

10-17-15-56 - Copy

[Roste throws a nice out, getting us close . . . ]

10-17-15-57 - Copy 10-17-15-58 - Copy

[Looks like a short gain . . . did we fumble?]

10-17-15-59 - Copy 10-17-15-60 - Copy

[In the 2nd quarter now, Christenson sweeps right.]

10-17-15-61 - Copy 10-17-15-62 - Copy 10-17-15-63 - Copy

[The Cards are driving . . . is it a touchdown?]

10-17-15-64 - Copy 10-17-15-65 - Copy 10-17-15-66 - Copy

[Roste looks and fires left as the half winds down . . .    ]

10-17-15-67 - Copy

[We had the lead into the 3rd quarter, but based on the previous game figured more fireworks were on the way.]

10-17-15-68 - Copy 10-17-15-69 - Copy 10-17-15-70 - Copy

[The biggest difference between the two teams was our ability to run and . . . pass.  Roste threw for over 170 yards in the 2nd half.]

10-17-15-71 - Copy 10-17-15-72 - Copy

[This was the beautiful 57-yard TD pass over the middle to Aarin Willander (88) that gave us a two touchdown lead.  Aarin is one of our leading receivers, but one of our strengths is we have several ‘go to’ guys.]

10-17-15-73 - Copy 10-17-15-74 - Copy[Micah goes right, setting up another touchdown.]

10-17-15-75 - Copy 10-17-15-76 - Copy 10-17-15-77 - Copy

[Scores were coming fast and furious by the 4th quarter as our lead would vary between 21 to 28 points.  Our defense obviously was not as keyed up down the stretch so it turned into a bit of a track meet.  A key was when Hatfield fumbled and we recovered on our 2-yard line – it took us two running plays to score, a 21-yarder by Christenson followed by a 77-yard TD by Roste.  At one point there were four touchdowns within a 6-minute stretch. Micah, Jaran, and receiver Brayden Amundson (7), who is still a bit nicked up, share congrats as the game winds down.]

10-17-15-78 - Copy

[Warm up the bus, turn out the lights, the party’s over.  Please remove all the debris from your area; it was a wild one!]

I like clean ladies and nice ladies.  ~  Lawrence Welk

Up next:  It will be a surprise to me too.  Girls soccer hosts Sartell in section semi-final on Tuesday; boys’ soccer will be at Sartell the same night for a section semi-final.  Card footballers play the No. 1-seeded Moorhead Spuds at Fergus Friday night for the section championship.

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