50th Class Reunion/Homecoming, Day 2, The Reunion

October 3

10-3-15-128 - Copy

[Margaret and Jerry . . . still mom & dad to all of us!  But it’s nice when they also bring along Mary and Ellen, their own progeny.]

10-3-15-129 - Copy

[I did not go home after the football game . . . I might have felt the urge to change my attire.  I figure the Super can dress for both of us.  Would you believe my entire wardrobe is over 20 years old (The Nanner is disqualified from this event because of proprietary disinterest)?]

10-3-15-130 - Copy 10-3-15-131 - Copy 10-3-15-132 - Copy

[The accoutrements . . . ]

10-3-15-133 - Copy

[The sign-in and hugging vestibule.  I do not believe hugging was permitted when we were in high school?]

10-3-15-134 - Copy

[Time to PAR-TAY!]

10-3-15-135 - Copy

[Annie O’Flynn and Al Lieffort, of Salty Dog fame, stand guard while Erik Schultz diddles with his electronic thingee.]

I’m going to go with maiden names throughout because the yearbook didn’t know what their married names would be?

10-3-15-136 - Copy

[John Herdan to Bob Helie (and Mrs. Helie), “Still trying to solve that Boolean algebra problem from Mrs. Halvorson’s class?” ]

10-3-15-137 - Copy

[Stan Rolfsrud and Dianne Hoffman discuss the importance of oral hygiene.]

10-3-15-138 - Copy

[This golf club is really 100 years old?]

10-3-15-139 - Copy

[Tom Ellis and Dave Serie are pondering the qualifications of their photographer.]

10-3-15-140 - Copy

[Robin Kochie, Mike Gillespie, and Kathy Josephs all appear to be on their high school playing weights.  Disgusting!  Ruth Helie, my fellow volleyball and basketball fan, sneaks in from the right.]

10-3-15-141 - Copy

[Ted Ording got Marilyn Olson’s purse more than once, Kathy Sherry’s several times, and Serie’s was off charts.]

10-3-15-142 - Copy

[Kathy, please!  Rodney Dangerfield was wrong – you would not have looked better before electricity.]

10-3-15-143 - Copy

[Jane Johnson and Louie Ley . . . doesn’t get much better than lookin’ good!]

10-3-15-144 - Copy

[Older homo sapiens gather to plug the gaps in their collective memories.  I believe the main players are John Kloehn, Paul Nokes, and Russ Bey.]

10-3-15-145 - Copy

[Spouses from another class, perchance?]

10-3-15-146 - Copy

[Judy Seppanen and Barb Kloehn share fond memories of chalk dust and other such educational materials.]

10-3-15-147 - Copy

[Can you name that tune?   Oops, I guess it’s not a video.]

10-3-15-148 - Copy 10-3-15-149 - Copy

[“Scoop” Bartos zeroes in on Jerry Lanigan, Steve Froemming, and Kathy Schultz.]

10-3-15-150 - Copy

[Barb Kloehn prepares for her “State of the Class” Address.]

10-3-15-151 - Copy

[The reunion ramrod, Bev Roers!  Thanks again, Bev.  If you could find all but 4 classmates, I’m recommending you for such a position with the FBI – you can get training right here at the ATCC!]

10-3-15-152 - Copy

[Mike Gillespie, one in a series of great Cardinal golfers.]

10-3-15-153 - Copy

[Help, I need somebody?]

10-3-15-154 - Copy

[Joe Drexler and . . . Joe Drexler (on the name tag?).  Joe had previously walked the parade with me twice, making him the leader in the clubhouse.]

10-3-15-155 - Copy

[Throngs of people comparing Medicare coverages . . . ]

10-3-15-156 - Copy

[Joe and Robin . . . did they go through the line twice?  ;-)  ]

10-3-15-157 - Copy 10-3-15-158 - Copy

[Ramona Froemming, we shared a lot of classes together.  I didn’t think I was that smart?]

10-3-15-159 - Copy

[Lonnie and Lonnie Thornton – he’s still the tallest guy in the class!]

10-3-15-160 - Copy

[Barb and Gary Schulke – hadn’t seen Schulk for a long time.]

10-3-15-161 - Copy

[Karen Schjei and Mark Benson, thanking them again for all the previous reunions.]

10-3-15-162 - Copy

[Karen and Judy Blanchard – Judy was the original cub reporter with the high school and later with the Echo, then we were almost neighbors in the D.C. metro area.]

10-3-15-163 - Copy 10-3-15-163-1 - Copy

[Jack Seltz and Sue Graves – I always remember Sue beat me a 9-hole golf match and I thought, why didn’t we have girl sports?  Sue was a terrific athlete.]

10-3-15-164 - Copy

[Paul Nokes, an intruder from Terre Haute, Indiana, and Van Eastlund.  Thanks for keeping an eye on her guys!]

10-3-15-165 - Copy

[Two guys I go back to the age of the dinosaurs with (I know, don’t end a sentence with with).

10-3-15-166 - Copy 10-3-15-167 - Copy 10-3-15-168 - Copy

[The eagle man from Wabasha, Tom Ellis and Eleanor, bookend the Louie Leys.]

10-3-15-169 - Copy

[John Kloehn, Cathy Bakke, and Gail Hanson, the t-shirt lady.]

10-3-15-170 - Copy

[I’m sorry, I’m blinded by the light.]

Editor’s  Note: Lorlee and I stood on opposite sides at the end of the chow line, alternating shots.  So, if you don’t see yourself here, we hope Lorlee got it.  I had a couple of questionable quality because I don’t like to use flash. Here Lorlee and I shot at the same time so it looked like I flashed.

10-3-15-171 - Copy

[John Kloehn, with a fine display of a healthy meal.]

10-3-15-172 - Copy

[The David Overlys.  Wait, what is this, the David Overlys?  Sounds like the society page for the Echo in the ’50’s.]

10-3-15-173 - Copy

[Lorlee, did you get this?]

10-3-15-174 - Copy

The Di Ann Marquettes – I guess it can go both ways.]

10-3-15-175 - Copy

[Pat Collins, the most gold stars at the reunion lunches?  :-)  ]

10-3-15-176 - Copy

[Bob Helie and his brotherin-law, Bud Anderson.  Bud and Ruth are at all the games, and Bud is currently working to build another storage building for our Outreach Food Shelf.  I’m sure Bud would not be averse to receiving a few donations.]

10-3-15-177 - Copy

[Oh, oh, Lorlee and I pulled the trigger at the same time again.]

10-3-15-178 - Copy 10-3-15-179 - Copy

[The Gregory Schmidts, another “new” member at the reunion lunches.]

10-3-15-180 - Copy

[Ellen!!  See the first picture on the page!]

10-3-15-181 - Copy

[The Teresa Wadsworths, another major cog in the reunion machine.]

10-3-15-182 - Copy

[Tom Kuhne, displaying the etiquette of sharing learned through the auspices of School District 206.]

10-3-15-184 - Copy

[Pete Forster, happily sharing the mashed potatoes spoon with Mr. Kuhne.]

10-3-15-185 - Copy

[Kathy Josephs, a regular at the lunches coming all the way from Brainerd, allegedly another lakes area destination.]

10-3-15-186 - Copy

[Wanda Meyer, obviously a person of refined tastes – she likes my letters to the paper?]

10-3-15-188 - Copy

[Russ and Jean Bey . . . Russ and I grew up together in Victoria Heights, now we’re growing old together on beautiful Lake Darling.]

10-3-15-190 - Copy

[I liked the photo.  Lorlee’s response: The real reason is that Stan Rolfsrud, Darrell Williams and I went to grades 1-4 together at the Oak Grove Dist 24 Country School (before my parents sent me to Catholic school). The 4th member was Carol Navratil Leaunart who didn’t come on Saturday night.]

10-3-15-191 - Copy

[Chris Lindquist]

10-3-15-192 - Copy 10-3-15-192-1 - Copy

[Shari Plato, an interloper I believe, and Jeanne Huberty, a 65er]

10-3-15-193 - Copy

[Charles Stark, our basketball center – if you guess Bend, Oregon, you win a cookie.]

10-3-15-194 - Copy

[Known far and wide as Kathy and Kathy!]

10-3-15-195 - Copy

[Sharon Erickson, I believe she said she left Alex in the 8th grade?]

10-3-15-196 - Copy

[The Lynne Spellman’s, looks like a Christmas Card photo to me.]

10-3-15-197 - Copy

[Jane Johnson . . . ]

10-3-15-199 - Copy

[With Dave Serie close behind.]

10-3-15-200 - Copy

[The John Herdan’s, a/k/a, the Music Man.]

10-3-15-201 - Copy

[The only “kiss cam” shot – the Charles Braunschweigs.]

10-3-15-202 - Copy

The Tom Toenjes’s, the driver of the “bus” and the luncheon storyteller.]

10-3-15-203 - Copy

[The Hank Faber’s, another well-known Music Man.]

10-3-15-204 - Copy

[Steve Froemming, known as one of thousands of Dittberners in the 5-county area.]

10-3-15-206 - Copy

[Lorlee is . . . well, Lorlee.  :-)   ]

10-3-15-207 - Copy

[Our band, the Salty Dogs, the one yet to be introduced is the Boy Tenor, Tom Mulder, on the far right.]

10-3-15-208 - Copy

[This is classmate Barb Kloehn Pyle, wrapping up our reunion, a tour de force remembrance of the life and times of the class of ’65. It was funny, touching, poignant, remarkable . . . and if we would have known before she started, something we should have videoed for a permanent place in the school archives.  This is the perfect place to end.]

food selfie

[Many thanks to Kevin and the staff of the AGC for a super event!]


[And thanks to our teachers.  Without the knowledge your shared with us, I would just be typing random keys on my wife’s Facebook page!]

A final sing off from our reunion band, the Salty Dogs, with their favorite song:

What this woman wants, with all due respect for S. Freud, is for men to stop asking that question and to realize women are human beings, not some alien species.  They want the same things men want.  ~  Diane White  [Editor’s note:  A quiet place to enjoy a fine cigar with a glass of port?]

Up next:  The aftermath . . .

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50th Class Reunion/Homecoming, Day 2, The Game

October 3

10-3-15-83 - Copy 10-3-15-84 - Copy 10-3-15-85 - Copy

[After the parade I assume many went home for a nap, for those who walked they may have gone home for a massage and a hot tub.  Then there was us.  I’m still not sure how many of the Class  of ’65 went to the football game, but all of this crowd went to the “stadium” for the tailgating party . . . burgers, dogs, chips, cookies, and pop!  Great!  All we needed was maybe a soccer scrimmage on the adjoining grass field for entertainment. Then the Super, Brad, and me stayed for the game against the Rocori Spartans.]

10-3-15-86 - Copy 10-3-15-87 - Copy

[I scanned the incoming crowd for classmates, but only saw the Johnsons and Kiehnes leaving.]

10-3-15-88 - Copy

[The team warms up . . . ]

10-3-15-89 - Copy

[The band warms up.  They were on the visitors side of the field undoubtedly in anticipation of a full house on the home side.]

10-3-15-90 - Copy 10-3-15-92 - Copy 10-3-15-93 - Copy 10-3-15-93-1 - Copy

[Then the Cards burst onto the field.  We had great expectations for we were on a four game winning streak, averaging about 40 points per game.]

10-3-15-95 - Copy

[‘Twas a beautiful Saturday afternoon for football.  But if you look three photos up, you can see the flag whipping.  About a 20 mph’er right into our face the entire game.  And combined with the sun, at game’s end I looked and felt like a piece of jerky.]

10-3-15-96 - Copy 10-3-15-96-1 - Copy

[The Spartans kick-off . . . ]

10-3-15-97 - Copy

[Through the end zone.]

10-3-15-98 - Copy

[The first play, a handoff to junior Micah Christenson (22) for 4 – 5 yards.]

10-3-15-99 - Copy 10-3-15-100 - Copy

[Then junior Jaran Roste (1) tries a pass.]

10-3-15-101 - Copy 10-3-15-102 - Copy 10-3-15-103 - Copy

[Roste hands to Christenson for a nice gain up the middle.  One of our difficulties throughout the game was that we were only able to get Micah “in space” a few times.]

10-3-15-104 - Copy

[Jaran under pressure and particularly so late in the game.]

10-3-15-105 - Copy 10-3-15-106 - Copy 10-3-15-107 - Copy

[Jaran had a nice hole, as did Micah, but the quarter ended with the Cards down.  The Spartans had a long sustained touchdown march on their first possession.  From then on the Card defense probably had their best day, particularly against the run.]

10-3-15-108 - Copy 10-3-15-109 - Copy 10-3-15-110 - Copy

[Did he or didn’t he hand off to Christenson on these two plays?]

10-3-15-111 - Copy

[Did someone lose a contact?]

10-3-15-112 - Copy

[Roste appears to be throwing a long bomb . . . ]

10-3-15-113 - Copy

[And here he’s throwing a strike to the Cardinals’ version Wes Welker, senior Aarin Willander (88).  Aarin later in the game made a great downfield catch on a 4th and long situation.]

10-3-15-114 - Copy

10-3-15-115 - Copy 10-3-15-116 - Copy 10-3-15-117 - Copy[The Cards scored and then got a successful 2-point conversion to take an 8 – 7 lead.]

10-3-15-118 - Copy

[Do you know her?  High-fived her when she marched past with the tennis team.  She has been featured many times on the blog.]

10-3-15-119 - Copy 10-3-15-120 - Copy 10-3-15-121 - Copy 10-3-15-122 - Copy 10-3-15-123 - Copy

[Homecoming royalty]

10-3-15-124 - Copy

[Anything going on over there?]

10-3-15-125 - Copy 10-3-15-126 - Copy

[The Cards led 15 – 14 going into the 4th quarter, which has been our best quarter all season.  This time, however, we committed 4 turnovers in the final 12 minutes and lost 24 – 15.  We repaired immediately to the golf club to pick up our spirits with the reunion.]

god lost

[Later we discovered it was the worst (well, at least tied) sports weekend in Minnesota history: Our Cardinals lost their homecoming game, the Gophers were humiliated, the Twins were swept, the Vikings lost, and the Lynx blew home court advantage in the WNBA finals!  It was saved by our reunion!]

Here’s the game video from Joe Korkowski and the Voice of Alexandria dubbed, “The good, the bad, and the ugly.”  Though we played too sloppily to win, you can see we have some offensive weapons:

Last night, October 8, the Cards won at St. Cloud Tech, 38 – 15, to finish the regular season 5 – 3.  We are the 2nd seed in the section and will have a first round bye then will likely host Bemidji a week from Saturday.

When I have one foot in the grave I will tell you the truth about women.  I shall tell it, jump into my coffin, pull the lid over me and say, “Do what you like now.”  ~ Leo Tolstoy

Up next:  Continuing . . .

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50th Class Reunion/Homecoming, Day 2, The Parade

October 3

10-3-15-6 - Copy

[We began the day by taking Brad to his first breakfast at Travelers Inn in over 50 years . . . like most of us, it’s amazing how much he looks like his dad now.]

10-3-15-8 - Copy 10-3-15-10 - Copy

[Another beautiful crisp early fall day in Vacationland USA as we sauntered onto the fairgrounds to find our position in the Homecoming Parade.  Our first encounter was with the football team.]

10-3-15-12 - Copy 10-3-15-13 - Copy

[Next up was the Hockey Association – they’ll be lacing up the skates pretty soon now.  We have high expectations for both the girls and boys teams this year.]

10-3-15-14 - Copy 10-3-15-15 - Copy

[And here we are . . . after all those years soloing in the parade, it was nice to have company!  ;-)   ]

Once we got Brad situated on the back of a float, he felt obligated to present the following two photos from his perspective:


20151003brad - Copy 20151003brad-1

[Of the latter, “she who will not be named” proclaimed this individual would pass as a homeless person in D.C.  ;-)   ]

10-3-15-16 - Copy 10-3-15-16-1 - Copy

[Lorlee is . . . well, Lorlee!]

10-3-15-17 - Copy

[I mean, c’mon, seriously, they can’t be old enough to be in my class?  For those of you keeping score at home, the maiden names are l-r:  Cathy Bakke, Dianne McCarthy, Kathy Schultz, Betty Pederson, and Lynn Spellman.  Now how would I remember that?]

10-3-15-18 - Copy

[Tom Toenjes photographs his charges before he starts towing them through town with his 1941 Farmall tractor . . . I believe it was for liability purposes.]

10-3-15-19 - Copy 10-3-15-20 - Copy

[The Class of ’48 is always there . . . with the irrepressible Virg!]

10-3-15-21 - Copy 10-3-15-22 - Copy 10-3-15-23 - Copy

[Let’s roll!]

10-3-15-25 - Copy 10-3-15-26 - Copy

[Serie, are you sure you know the route?  This car doesn’t have GPS!  OK, trying again from memory:  Cathy Bakke, Mid-Winter queen; Kathy Sherry, Homecoming queen; Judy Seppanen, salutatorian; Lynn Spellman, co-pilot; Dave Serie, chauffeur.]

10-3-15-27 - Copy

[St. Mary’s, as I recall.]

10-3-15-28 - Copy

[Cheer-oh-cheer for Alex . . . ]

10-3-15-29 - Copy 10-3-15-30 - Copy[Hall of Fame grand marshals (yup, one “l”) and Homecoming king and queen.]

10-3-15-31 - Copy

[I’m glad I got Joan here since I missed her at the luncheon!]

10-3-15-32 - Copy 10-3-15-33 - Copy

[More royalty . . . ]

10-3-15-34 - Copy

[Do you know “Louie, Louie”?]

10-3-15-35 - Copy 10-3-15-36 - Copy

[Cardinal spirit . . . ]

10-3-15-37 - Copy

[Damn kids!]

10-3-15-38 - Copy 10-3-15-39 - Copy

[More kids, but at least Al brings his mom along – she’s class of ’38, which I believe was the record holder at the event.]

10-3-15-40 - Copy

[Cross-country?  Basketball?  Crocheting?]

10-3-15-41 - Copy 10-3-15-42 - Copy 10-3-15-43 - Copy

[Hockey . . . with hockey moms!]

10-3-15-44 - Copy

[The Falls Flyer]

10-3-15-45 - Copy 10-3-15-46 - Copy 10-3-15-47 - Copy

[And the Class of ’65 is on the move!]

10-3-15-48 - Copy 10-3-15-49 - Copy

[Ladies and gentlemen, the parade has left the fairgrounds and is heading down Fairgrounds Road toward downtown Alexandria!]

10-3-15-50 - Copy

[And there’s our other “float” and the rest of the parade leaving the fairgrounds.]

10-3-15-51 - Copy 10-3-15-52 - Copy 10-3-15-53 - Copy

[The walkers are looking good . . . we’re all on Medicare, you know!]

10-3-15-54 - Copy[And then we hit Broadway, where classmates realize I wasn’t pulling their collective legs when I said this is always the biggest parade of the year.]

10-3-15-55 - Copy 10-3-15-56 - Copy

[Our fans pour out onto the street!]

10-3-15-57 - Copy

[’65 is still alive!!]

10-3-15-58 - Copy 10-3-15-59 - Copy

[A quick body count . . . we haven’t lost anyone off the “floats” yet.]

10-3-15-60 - Copy 10-3-15-61 - Copy

[Truly big time, we’re being covered by Geraldo Rivera!]

Ooops, that’s really Joe Korkowski from the Voice of Alexandria and here’s Joe’s video of the parade – the Class of ’65 makes our appearance at about the 4:00 minute mark:

10-3-15-62 - Copy

[Sometimes when you turn the camera on while looking through the eye piece, you accidentally change the setting – here to the “blue light special” mode?]

The Super was stationed at 8th and Broadway with the parties below and contributed the following from a fan’s perspective:

20151003-1 - Copy

[Merill Kiehne, Linda Johnson, and Pam Mathison]

20151003-2 - Copy 20151003-4-1 - Copy 20151003-7 - Copy

[The Grand Marshals]

20151003-8 - Copy 20151003-9 - Copy 20151003-10 - Copy

[Let’s play football!]

20151003-12 - Copy 20151003-14 - Copy 20151003-16 - Copy 20151003-17 - Copy

[The Seriemobile from our class almost snuck by her!]

20151003-18 - Copy 20151003-19-1 - Copy 20151003-20 - Copy

[Woo-woo for our class as Professor Doctor Colonel Kiehne hastens over for a shot of the sideline fans.]

20151003-21 - Copy 20151003-22 - Copy

[Then Little Mayo Johnson sauntered over for an exchange of shots.]

20151003-23 - Copy

[Kathryn LeBrasseur, deservedly outstanding senior citizen]

20151003-24 - Copy 20151003-25 - Copy

[Their home invite is this Saturday beginning at 9:00 at AAHS; the cross-country team hosts the big Lions’ meet at Arrowwood Saturday morning as well.  High school sports at their finest!]

20151003-26 - Copy 20151003-27 - Copy 20151003-28 - Copy 20151003-29 - Copy

[And that wraps up the Super’s contributions.  She allegedly tried to get one of her knight in shining armor, who almost toppled over onto the hard pavement posing, and the shot allegedly didn’t come out?]

10-3-15-63 - Copy 10-3-15-64 - Copy 10-3-15-65 - Copy

[Now we’re gonna stretch it out a bit with the big lens – love that depth of field.  And to let you know marching at 49 degrees is still too hot!  :-)  ]

10-3-15-66 - Copy 10-3-15-67 - Copy 10-3-15-68 - Copy 10-3-15-69 - Copy 10-3-15-70 - Copy

[The dip between 7th and 8th provides a nice perspective . . . except during a heavy rain when it floods!]

10-3-15-71 - Copy10-3-15-73 - Copy 10-3-15-74 - Copy 10-3-15-75 - Copy 10-3-15-76 - Copy 10-3-15-77 - Copy

[By now my cub reporter duties had caused me to fall a block behind my group, but I was still a block ahead of the next group.  I was a parade unto myself?]

10-3-15-78 - Copy

[We’ve taken on the turn on 15th heading toward where the old high school was . . . following the girls’ tennis team.]

10-3-15-79 - Copy 10-3-15-80 - Copy 10-3-15-81 - Copy 10-3-15-82 - Copy

[And we’re done . . . showing a fortitude beyond our years, Tom, Greg, and I then walked back to town to meet up for the football tailgate party at AAHS!  :-)  ]

Wives are people who feel they don’t dance enough.  ~  Groucho Marx

Up next:  Continued . . .

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50th Class Reunion/Homecoming, Day 1

October 2

10-2-15-10 - Copy

[Homecoming weekend now begins Friday at noon with the Hall of Fame induction luncheon.  The inductees this year are . . . ]

hof1 - Copy hof2 - Copy hof3 - Copy hof4 - Copy hof5 - Copy hof6 - Copy hof7 - Copy hof8 - Copy

[And a big congratulations to all!]

10-2-15-1 - Copy

[And because Homecoming this year just happened to coincide with the Class of ’65’s 50th Reunion, we were joined at our table by classmate Professor Doctor Colonel Tom Kiehne and wife Pam Mathison, from Austin, Texas – and Viv Annen, from Lake Le Homme Dieu, and longtime attendee of this event.]

10-2-15-2 - Copy hof9 - Copy

[The Super shows how we were able to find our table.  :-)  ]

10-2-15-3 - Copy 10-2-15-4 - Copy

[The high school carolers dropped by for a little pre-nosh entertainment.]

10-2-15-5 - Copy

[The Super with Bob “Weakie” Annen, a native New Ulmer who has transitioned nicely after about 18 years in Cardinal Country.]

10-2-15-6 - Copy 10-2-15-7 - Copy 10-2-15-7-1 - Copy

[“Your Worship” Mayor Ness and Doctor Woolliscroft.  Apologies to Ms. Larson, who I will see again soon at whatever meeting, but I just had my snapshot camera and not all photographic attempts were successful.  Regarding “Your Worship,” I was one of I assume several who nominated him, and when I first met him as mayor I asked if I should address him as “Your Honor” – he said he preferred “Your Worship,” so I liked him immediately!]

10-2-15-8 - Copy

[Our entire table also included classmate Brad Anderson, who we gathered from Barnesville, and Tom’s dad, Merill.  We were generally well behaved.]

10-2-15-9 - Copy

[And then I always enjoy “catching” Jill Johnson performing her duties as the school’s communications director.  Can you name her subjects?]

10-2-15-11 - Copy 10-2-15-12 - Copy

[And then, after school let out that afternoon, thanks again to Cindy Hughes, Adm. Asst. to the Superintendent and School Board, and Troy Wunderlich, Asst. Principal, for setting up a tour of the new high school for the Class of ’65 (now in the absence of good ole JHS). The kids call the new school “AAHS” (think “Oz”) for Alexandria Area High School.]

10-2-15-13 - Copy 10-2-15-14 - Copy

[We had a good turnout of maybe 40 65ers for the tour . . . ]

10-2-15-15 - Copy 10-2-15-16 - Copy 10-2-15-17 - Copy

[Such a good crowd that Asst. Principal Wunderlich (left foreground) was ultimately joined by Principal Chad Duwenhoegger (left background, black shirt), the Minnesota principal-of-the-year.]

10-2-15-18 - Copy 10-2-15-19 - Copy

[Professor Doctor Colonel Kiehne found a science classroom mindful of his as a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Texas.]

10-2-15-20 - Copy

[The Common Area]

10-2-15-21 - Copy

[The library . . . ]

10-2-15-22 - Copy

[Boy, I wish we had one of these meditation and latte booths when we were in high school!]

10-2-15-23 - Copy

10-2-15-24 - Copy

[As a local, I have been to the new high school on more than a semi-regular basis. Therefore, my highlight from our class tour was the discovery that the library contained my biography!]

10-2-15-25 - Copy 10-2-15-26 - Copy 10-2-15-27 - Copy

[Now down to the Common Area, past the wall of contributors.  Many of the “extra features” of the school were made possible through private contributions.]

10-2-15-28 - Copy 10-2-15-29 - Copy

[The principal about to lead us from the common area, cleared for the homecoming dance, to the performing arts center . . . ]

10-2-15-30 - Copy 10-2-15-31 - Copy

[The 1,000 seat auditorium is probably the highlight of all tours.]

10-2-15-32 - Copy 10-2-15-33 - Copy

[The band room, with extra features as in the choir and orchestra rooms.]

10-2-15-34 - Copy

[The volleyball team was practicing in the 5-court gymnasium.]

10-2-15-35 - Copy 10-2-15-36 - Copy 10-2-15-37 - Copy

[Our evening began with a quick stop – a beer and pretzel – at the Maritime Museum for Octoberfest.]

10-2-15-38 - Copy

[Then back to Broadway Ballroom for the school’s Jeans & Jewels annual fundraiser.  At our table was previous Hall of Famer Bob Rader with his wife Vonnie.]

10-2-15-39 - Copy 10-2-15-40 - Copy

[Another big crowd for the games and silent auctions.]

10-2-15-41 - Copy 10-2-15-42 - Copy

[Greg Trumm, the current president of the Education Foundation, asks us all to continue our support.  For a mere $206 per year (for School District 206), one can be a member of the 206 club.]

10-3-15-1 - Copy 10-3-15-3 - Copy

[The Super, once again, found success at the silent auctions!  Oy!]

cards1 cards2[The last event of the evening was a class pizza party at the Alexandria Golf Club.  Thanks to Diane and Bonita for setting this up.  I was a late arrival and pooped out early, but like Arnold mumbled something to the effect that I would be back.]

Women are quite unlike men.  Women have higher voices, longer hair, smaller waistlines, daintier feet and prettier hands.  They also invariably have the upper hand.  ~  Stephen Potter

Up next:  Days 2 & 3 (p.s.  For those who have returned home again, the upcoming weather forecast for Vacationland USA is for the 6th consecutive beautiful weekend, with temps in the 70’s!)

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CARDINALS Tweak Cardinals, 3 – 1

volleyball seniors '15 - Copy volleyball seniors '15-2 - Copy volleyball seniors '15-3 - Copy volleyball seniors '15-4 - Copy volleyball seniors '15-5 - Copy volleyball seniors'15-6 - Copy

[Yes, it was senior night last night . . . ]

9-29-15-1 - Copy 9-29-15-2 - Copy 9-29-15-3 - Copy 9-29-15-4 - Copy 9-29-15-5 - Copy

[Before the game against the Willmar Cardinals, the seniors were honored and regaled with volleyball tales from their underclass teammates.  In the background, all the moms cell phone photo-bombing thinking she’s such a good kid, if only she’d make her bed!]

9-29-15-6 - Copy

[In warm-up drills, I once again try to get some good action shots . . . because I allegedly know what’s coming! Still, success is limited . . .  here we have senior Alexis Stern (8), senior Morgan Melrose (4), freshman Kendra Hardy (13), and junior Syri Williams (3).]

9-29-15-7 - Copy

[This appears to be junior Abby Pohlen (5) with the smack down (she led the team in kills on this night), with senior Natalie Minnerath (9) in the foreground and junior Kayla Feldhake (16) in the background.]

9-29-15-8 - Copy

[Abby again . . . ]

9-29-15-9 - Copy

[Kendra is our resident southpaw.]

9-29-15-10 - Copy

[Here we have freshman McKenzie Duwenhoegger (11) airborne.]

9-29-15-11 - Copy 9-29-15-11-1 - Copy

[We’re ready!]

9-29-15-12 - Copy 9-29-15-13 - Copy

[Then it was time for player introduction.  Due to the superior education they have received from School District 206, the players were able to chronologically align themselves without assistance.]

9-29-15-14 - Copy

[Then as they are individually introduced, they throw stuff to (at?) the crowd.  After years of coverage, I still have no idea what is being tossed.  The tosser here is senior Gracie Schroeder (1).]

9-29-15-15 - Copy 9-29-15-16 - Copy

[Morgan goes right . . . ]

9-29-15-17 - Copy

[Abby also goes right . . . ]

9-29-15-18 - Copy

[To the astonished delight of her teammates . . . ]

9-29-15-19 - Copy

[McKenzie wings one left, taking out two rows of bleachers . . . ]

9-29-15-20 - Copy

[Kayla also goes left . . . Duck!]

9-29-15-21 - Copy

[And then senior libero Maddi Moore (6), who was named player of the game.]

9-29-15-22 - Copy

[So, let the game begin!  We celebrate winning point one.]

9-29-15-23 - Copy

[Alexis was our first server . . . ]

9-29-15-24 - Copy 9-29-15-24-1 - Copy 9-29-15-25 - Copy

[Then came senior Kenna Goracke (2).  Couldn’t help but notice she had a beauty of a shiner . . . obtained in the tough Apple Valley tournament over the weekend?]

9-29-15-27 - Copy

[Or possibly smited by her own braid?  Let this be a lesson – never affix heavy objects to the end of your hairdo!]

9-29-15-28 - Copy

[Junior Jordyn Lamb (12) and Abby on the double block.]

9-29-15-29 - Copy

[Alexis, do you see that?]

9-29-15-29-1 - Copy

[Up there, by the scoreboard!]

9-29-15-30 - Copy

[Now that’s funny!]

9-29-15-30-1 - Copy

[A drone towing a banner saying “Class of ’65 Rocks!”]

9-29-15-31 - Copy

[Didn’t you see that drone?]

9-29-15-32 - Copy

[I think I see it Kenna!]

9-29-15-32-1 - Copy

[I’m a little nervous.  I don’t trust old people with new technology!]

9-29-15-33 - Copy

[Meanwhile, back at the game . . . our Cards easily handle Set One.]

9-29-15-34 - Copy

[Have you got it, Alexis?]

9-29-15-35 - Copy 9-29-15-36 - Copy 9-29-15-37 - Copy

[Alexis serves, Maddi protects her left flank.]

9-29-15-38 - Copy

[You’ve got to stop looking for Kim Kardashian and keep your eyes on the ball!]

9-29-15-39 - Copy 9-29-15-40 - Copy

[Maddi served well, asserting her player-of-the-game credentials.]

9-29-15-41 - Copy 9-29-15-42 - Copy

[Houston, we have contact!  The orb has taken flight!]

9-29-15-43 - Copy

[Uggghhh!  Yeah, what I said.  It turns out the team is aware of this problem – Coach Schlichting talked about it on radio after the game.  It’s called 2nd Set Slump!  And it seems most likely to happen if the first game is won too easily.  We fell way behind in this set, made a run, but it was too late.]

9-29-15-44 - Copy

[Set Three.  I must have dozed off, thinking the match now had to go at least 4 games, and I would be missed by loved ones back home.]

9-29-15-45 - Copy

[The Cardinal Crazies pose . . . ]

9-29-15-46 - Copy 9-29-15-47 - Copy

[Some sort of mascot, apparently named after Catholic hierarchy.]

9-29-15-48 - Copy 9-29-15-49 - Copy

[Kenna serves it out.  Another thing “we fans” talked about.  Have you ever noticed that when a teams hits 24, it never, and I mean never, scores the 25th and game winner on the next point?  It must be some sort of law of the universe.  Last night I think the Cards defaulted on that attempted point twice . . . for illegal motion, or some such thing?]

9-29-15-50 - Copy

[But we won . . . ]

9-29-15-51 - Copy

[Nice hat . . . ]

9-29-15-52 - Copy

[We have a winner!  The Cards are now 6 – 2 in conference and will travel to #10-ranked Moorhead in Thursday.  The girls’ soccer team lost a close one, 2 – 1, at home this same night – and it was a nice night, so I should have tried for dual coverage.]

Women are never disarmed by compliments.  Men always are.  That is the difference between the sexes.  ~  Oscar Wilde

Up next:  Appears to be Homecoming.

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Cardinal Football: 1,000 Total Yards, As Usual

SEPTEMBER 25, 2105

9-25-15-1 - Copy

[Spoiler Alert – we won! 39 – 27 over Brainerd. My first game of the season – not living up to my Cub Reporter billing – but our first home game was, to my sensibilities, winded out and the second was “wined” out (OK, competing party). But I wanted to report before the class of ’65 shows up for Homecoming next weekend. We are now 4 – 2 and seeded 2nd in the section.  Perfect night for football . . . replete with a full moon!]

9-25-15-2 - Copy

[The lonely vigil of the sports photographer . . .  ]

9-25-15-3 - Copy

[And here come your 2015 Alexandria Cardinals . . . led by the 6th-grade team, as I recall.]

football '15 - Copy football '15-1 - Copy

9-25-15-4 - Copy

[The perilous vigil of the sports photographer . . . ]

9-25-15-5-1 - Copy 9-25-15-6 - Copy 9-25-15-7 - Copy

[It was introduce the seniors night – here are two of them.  The intrepid sports photographer is catching them from their best sides.]

9-25-15-8 - Copy

[It’s a stampede!!  Has anyone seen the sports photographer?]

9-25-15-9-1 - Copy

[And we have kick-off!!]

9-25-15-10 - Copy 9-25-15-10-1 - Copy

[And high speed collisions of heavily armored bodies.]

9-25-15-11 - Copy 9-25-15-11-1 - Copy

[Kim Kardashian!  Kim Kardashian! ]

9-25-15-12 - Copy 9-25-15-12-1 - Copy 9-25-15-13 - Copy

[The Kardashian play worked for a Cardinal touchdown.  Actually, the play call was a ruse. To the best of my knowledge, none of the Kardashians have ever appeared at a Cardinal football game.]

9-25-15-14 - Copy

[The offense is every bit as exciting as advertised. These two young men, quarterback Jaran Roste (1) and halfback Micah Christenson (22), both juniors, put on a good show. Micah rushed for 180 yards and I believe 4 TD’s, and Jaran rushed for 130 yards and passed for 180 (18 – 24) – I think those are right?  The sports photographer re-appeared in the background, a good sign for those of us who thought he may have been lost in the stampede.]

9-25-15-15 - Copy 9-25-15-16 - Copy

[Is it a hand-off, a quarterback keeper?  Noooo, it’s a pass to the right flank!  The game plan obviously determined this was the way to go – running and short passes.]

9-25-15-17 - Copy

[A fake to Micah, Jaran drops back to pass . . . ]

9-25-15-18 - Copy

[I tossed a spheroid into the air, it came to earth I know not where? ]

9-25-15-19 - Copy

[The Cardinals sprint left; the Warriors sprint right.  All in total defiance of the laws of physics and those governing liquor sales in most states.]

9-25-15-20 - Copy 9-25-15-20-1 - Copy

[The top photo shows the field’s relative proximity to Grand Arbor, appropriate since most Alexandrians have an older relative who lives there.  The bottom shows it’s a short pass to the right flank.  These passes didn’t gain a lot of yards, but they kept moving the chains in a direct violation of the Alien and Sedition Acts.]

9-25-15-21 - Copy

[Our Cards our moving goalward again.]

9-25-15-22 - Copy

[But the Warriors aren’t going down without a fight!]

9-25-15-23 - Copy 9-25-15-23-1 - Copy

[Upon further review, it was determined that 6’5″ senior defensive end, Henry Wirtjes (80), did indeed deflect this pass attempt by the Warriors’ Chris Pederson (2), also tall, and who appeared to play every position.]

9-25-15-24 - Copy

[At the quarter, looks like a ballgame (as opposed to what, I have no idea?).]

9-25-15-25 - Copy

[Cards on offense – count the number of prime numbers on the sideline?]

9-25-15-26 - Copy

[A long bomb that was launched above the top of the stadium.  I do not believe the attempt was successful, but it was close and served the same purpose as the high, inside fastball.]

9-25-15-27 - Copy

[Ooops, people are falling down.]

9-25-15-28 - Copy 9-25-15-29 - Copy

[Pretty dark now, photography gets  ragged.  Appears to be a Cardinal touchdown!]

9-25-15-30 - Copy

[Here we come again.  I believe this was a 3rd-and-long situation on which we made a huge play for another Cardinal . . . FIRST DOWN!]

9-25-15-31 - Copy

[I have no idea what’s going on here . . . suggestions?]

9-25-15-32 - Copy

[We did good!]

9-25-15-33 - Copy

[This is a scoreboard.  It shows us to be ahead by one at the half.  The Cards scored with a little over a minute left, but that was enough time left for the Warriors to come back and put a TD on top of ours!  Uffda!   This is also a flag.  It lets all the players know what country they’re in and from which direction the wind is blowing.]

9-25-15-34 - Copy 9-25-15-35 - Copy

[As I am prone to say, then the real athletes come out and perform during halftime.]

9-25-15-36 - Copy

[In the 2nd half, there appears to be a hole available for Micah (22).  And he really just glides through them – fun to watch!]

9-25-15-37 - Copy

[Senior wide receiver Brayden Amundsen (7) got nicked late in the first half – appeared to be a high right ankle sprain.  He did not play again.  Senior wide receive Tom Whiting also got hurt and did not play in the 2nd half.  I believe they have been our two top receivers, which may explain the emphasis on the running game.  I hope they’re not out long?]

9-25-15-38 - Copy 9-25-15-39 - Copy 9-25-15-40 - Copy

[Micah on the run again with another TD (I think) – he somehow squirms out of traffic.]

9-25-15-41 - Copy

[Jaran has obviously just released a pass.  The Warriors had two early turnovers in the 2nd half, and we turned them both into touchdowns on our first plays.  That pretty much wrapped up the game.]

9-25-15-42 - Copy

[A pass is airborne again . . . ]

9-25-15-43 - Copy 9-25-15-44 - Copy

[Touchdown . . . touchdown . . . and game over.  Lots of offense, the Cards had about 520 yards, the Warriors about 440.  That’s pretty much been the pattern the last four games. Now looking forward to Homecoming next weekend!]

A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.  A successful woman is one who can find such a man.  ~  Lana Turner

Up next:  Not a clue?

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Grape Stomp ’15

smart car 9-19-15

Grape Stomp weekend bookended our trip to the Gopher football game on Saturday.  Our one day out of town, the “kids” decided it would be fun to see how many people they could stuff into a smart car!  Oy, can’t leave ’em unchaperoned!  Although not officially part of Grape Stomp, the fun began on Wednesday night with BAT at SAWA.  While we were there Wednesday, we did not officially begin coverage until Thursday, again at SAWA . . .

September 17

9-17-15-1 - Copy

9-17-15-2 - Copy 9-17-15-2-1 - Copy

[As usual, BAT had the packed house “eating out of his hand” as he enjoined us to sing along when so requested!]

Stick with this video through two songs and catch some cameo appearances by the Retired Teachers Association of Alexandria!

9-17-15-3 - Copy 9-17-15-4 - Copy 9-17-15-5 - Copy

And my video request for Malaguena:

9-17-15-6 - Copy 9-17-15-7 - Copy

[Brenda takes photographs and requests for BAT.]

Wrapping up evening Number Two.

September 18

The day Grape Stomp officially began.  With the Super, Jami, and Deb Trumm down the in the Cities, I soloed out to the winery to catch our old favorite Anthony Miltich in the afternoon.  It was the one chilly day, and with an ever increasing wind shooting videos was not an option.

9-18-15-1 - Copy 9-18-15-2 - Copy 9-18-15-3 - Copy 9-18-15-4 - Copy 9-18-15-5 - Copy

[Admiring his footwork?]

20150918_073505 - Copy 20150918_073519 - Copy 20150918_074719 - Copy 20150918_074722 - Copy

[The ladies were at a Futurist conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  They pronounced it a resounding success, and Jami wrote about it extensively in her blog.]

That evening BAT performed again at the Alexandria Golf Club.  I was there and the Super joined me as soon as she returned from Minneapolis.  The lighting was not conducive to photography.  It was a busy night, as I posted on FB:  So, to the big city folks, and they know who they are, who mockingly refer to us as Big Town, here’s your Friday night schedule, just off the top of my head:  Anthony Miltich @ CCW (Grape Stomp); BAT @ AGC; Dweebs opening Grape Stomp @ RCC; Matt Velline @ Interlachen; Piano Men (CLCA) @ AAHS PAC; Components @ SAWA.  And we do it all for the sake of ART:


September 20

I heard from a reliable source that the Salty Dogs knocked ’em dead at the Grape Stomp on Saturday.  You may recall from the football photos that Saturday was a beautiful day – well, Sunday was as well!  And on this day, Josie Nelson would be performing outside while simultaneously BAT would be performing inside.  But it proved to be just a tad to breezy for videos.

9-20-15-1 - Copy 9-20-15-2 - Copy 9-20-15-3 - Copy 9-20-15-4 - Copy 9-20-15-4-1 - Copy

[Linda (Josie’s mom), Tami (the proprietor), and Josie (the performer) tried in vain (as I recall) to get Josie’s music hooked into the inside speaker system.]


[Actually, none of these wines are from Carlos Creek!]

9-20-15-5 - Copy 9-20-15-6 - Copy 9-20-15-7 - Copy

[Josie told us she had been picked to sing with the high school Carolers this year, her junior year, and she was quite excited about that!]


[The Carolers, surprisingly enough.]

9-20-15-8 - Copy

[Then it was time to leave Josie for a while to see how BAT was doing inside . . . ]

9-20-15-9 - Copy 9-20-15-10 - Copy 9-20-15-11 - Copy 9-20-15-12 - Copy 9-20-15-13 - Copy 9-20-15-14 - Copy 9-20-15-15 - Copy 9-20-15-16 - Copy 9-20-15-17 - Copy

[And he was doing just fine . . . ]

9-20-15-18 - Copy 9-20-15-18-1 - Copy 9-20-15-19 - Copy

[As was Brenda, taking photos and requests.]

9-20-15-20 - Copy 9-20-15-21 - Copy 9-20-15-22 - Copy 9-20-15-23 - Copy 9-20-15-24 - Copy

[And a sighting of a Christian Ponder jersey?]

9-20-15-25 - Copy

[We ran into the king and queen of Ashby and decided to check on Josie again . . . ]

9-20-15-26 - Copy 9-20-15-27 - Copy 9-20-15-28 - Copy 9-20-15-29 - Copy

[Judy, in red, was exposed to BAT for the first time this weekend.  I believe she is now the president of his fan club? ;-)  ]

9-20-15-30 - Copy 9-20-15-31 - Copy

[Josie is an aficionado of Doug’s Kettle Korn and this was an unsolicited testimonial.  Oh, and Doug’s daughters, Bethany and Megan Hasz, our cross-country stars, are classmates of Josie.]

9-20-15-32 - Copy

[Josie had too much class to hold this for a photo op!  Ha!]

9-20-15-33 - Copy

[And then back to say good-bye to BAT and Brenda.  Their next stop is Wichita.]


[But by the same percentage, enjoyed Grape Stomp again this year.]

No male can beat a female in the long run because they have it over us in sheer, damn longevity.  ~  James Thurber

Up next:  Maybe finally get to that high school football game?

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